There’s a lot to know about vehicle maintenance – just ask a Nissan dealer. They field questions about the maintenance and service of Nissan vehicles. If you’re looking for answers, here are the responses to the questions they hear most often.


A: Typical car or truck batteries require no special preventative maintenance. The best thing you can do to help prolong battery life is to turn off all accessories (radio, blower fan, etc.) before switching off the ignition. That way there is less drain on the battery upon startup. Your Nissan dealership can perform a test on your battery to determine its health. This helps to monitor the status of the battery and hopefully avoid a situation where your vehicle won’t start.

A: Batteries wear out over time, but there are also issues that impact battery failure, for example, unusual “parasitic drains” such as adding accessories but not properly grounding them, infrequent startup, and prolonged exposure to excessive heat or cold.

A: In most instances, normal driving will recharge the battery unless there is an issue with the vehicle. If your vehicle does not start after driving it, it’s recommended that you take your vehicle to your Nissan dealer to have a diagnosis performed.



A: When the “Change Engine Oil Soon” message displays, oil change service is necessary for the vehicle as soon as possible. Regardless of whether the message appears, the oil and filter must be changed at least every 4 months and 6,000 kms for vehicles of model year 2013 and older and every 6 months and 8,000 kms for 2014 and newer vehicles. Your Nissan dealer will perform this work and reset the system.

A: Modern engine oils do more than lubricate; they help remove harmful engine deposits and contaminants as you drive. The oil suspends these contaminants and carries them to the oil filter where they are trapped and held. Eventually, the oil filter becomes saturated with these contaminants and its filtering capability is significantly reduced. If the oil filter is not replaced at the recommended intervals, contaminated oil will continue to flow through the engine and cause excessive wear, which will reduce performance and ultimately shorten the life of the engine. We recommend always choosing a Genuine Nissan Oil Filter for optimum engine performance.

A: Consult your vehicle owner’s manual or visit your Nissan dealer to be sure you get the proper oil for your vehicle.

A: For MY 2017, Genuine Nissan Motor Oil 0W-20 is recommended and is the factory fill on most models. With today’s engines and technology the proper grade of oil is essential to obtaining maximum performance and customer satisfaction. Failure to use Genuine Nissan Motor Oil 0W-20, where recommended, could result in serious engine damage. Nissan Genuine 0W-20 oil is also approved for use in place of 5W-30 viscosity oil. Therefore, for warranty purposes Nissan Genuine 0W-20 oil is an approved alternative and is recommended to be used.

A: Synthetic oil provides protection beyond conventional oil products and in many cases is the factory fill and recommended oil for Nissan vehicles. It helps extend engine life, protects against sludge, engine rust and corrosion while allowing easy starting and rapid oil circulation during cold starts to protect critical parts.

A: We recommend that you follow the oil change frequencies shown in your owner’s manual. When using Genuine Nissan Motor Oil 0W-20, you can have the confidence to go the full mileage or time frame recommended in the owner’s manual.

A: Yes, synthetic 0W-20 motor oil is effective in all engines of any age or mileage requiring an SAE 0W-20 or 5W-20 grade.

A: Please consult your owners manual for the minimum oil required for your vehicle. You may be able to switch between High-performance synthetic motor oils like Genuine Nissan Motor Oil 0W-20 and Mobil 1™ 0W-20 and conventional motor oils for all engines requiring an SAE 0W-20 or 5W-30 grade.

A: Each Genuine Nissan branded and Mobil motor oil is supported by a limited warranty.* Protection starts with first use and lasts as long as you own your car and use Mobil and Genuine Nissan branded motor oil.

A: This is a common myth. The truth is that no break-in period is required. Synthetic motor oils can be used in new vehicles starting at any time. Most new model Nissan vehicles are filled at the factory with synthetic oils.

A: This compatibility table provides detail by model and year. Your Nissan Dealer carries both Genuine Nissan Motor Oil 0W-20 and Mobil 1™ 0W-20.



A: A wiper blade’s natural rubber deteriorates after about six months, which is why it’s recommended that you replace your blades on a semi-annual basis. Streaking, squeaking, chattering, skipping, cracks, tears, splits, bent or broken frame, worn rubber, and rounded wiping edge are some common signs that your blades need to be changed.

A: Yes, it is recommended that you replace both. This will ensure your windshield is clear and help provide a safer view when driving.

A: The biggest enemy of wiper blades is exposure to sunlight and ozone. There is little that can be done to reduce ozone exposure, but limiting the amount of time your blades are exposed to direct sunlight will help prolong the life of the wiper blade. Clean your windshield and the rubber element of your wiper regularly. Use an ice scraper and defroster to clear ice from your windshield, not your wipers. Pull your wipers away from the windshield in winter to prevent ice buildup from sticking to the windshield.

A: It is recommended to use hot, soapy water or another nonabrasive liquid.

A: Streaking is caused by worn blades. A blade’s natural rubber deteriorates after about six months.

A: Wiper replacement is easy, and instructions are typically included with your wipers or can be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Your Nissan dealer offers the right blades for your vehicle and can install them for you.

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