Essential Things to Know When Purchasing Auto Parts

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When engines start to wear, drivers often replace their parts to make them run better. Mechanics usually advise their clients to purchase new parts from reliable vendors or use salvage parts, but some drivers opt for refurbished parts instead.

Unfortunately, many drivers determine  which spare parts to purchase by considering the cost and not its possible long-term benefits or disadvantages. For this reason, drivers must understand each option to make better decisions.

The Different Types of Auto Parts

Before deciding what auto parts are best for you, you need to know the differences between factory-direct parts and auto parts that have been salvaged from irreparable vehicles. Numerous auto repair shops give clients options to choose from for parts replacement. Although we think refurbished is a strong option, it’s still best to know about all your choices.

1. Salvaged Parts

The first kind of auto parts that you’re likely to come across are parts that have been removed from wrecks. Many auto recyclers buy these parts at a discount, repair them, and then resell them for a profit. This is the least expensive option for drivers looking for auto parts, and some reputable repair shops will only offer salvage parts to clients who would prefer to save money.

2. Remanufactured Parts

Another popular option for drivers is remanufactured parts. These parts are dismantled and inspected by mechanics. The parts in good condition are cleaned and repaired, and the ones that are not being replaced. The engineers then inspect the parts and test them to ensure their quality.

3. New Factory-Direct Parts

There is also the option of factory-direct parts. These are parts that are bought directly from the manufacturer. The parts are shipped directly to auto parts stores, where they are then sold to mechanics. This is the most expensive option, but it’s also the most reliable.

4. Refurbished Parts

Last but not least, refurbished parts. These parts are also removed from salvage vehicles, but they are examined more thoroughly than salvaged parts. The parts are cleaned and repaired like remanufactured parts, but they are also tested to meet the manufacturer’s standards, so they typically come with a warranty. These parts are typically sold to drivers who prefer to purchase everything they need from the same company.

Things to Consider When Buying Auto Parts

If you’re considering purchasing replacement auto parts, finding a reputable company is essential. Plenty of businesses sell auto parts, but because they aren’t governed by an official body, they aren’t all up to standards.

Before choosing a company to buy your auto parts from, you should ask them to provide proof of their certification, just to make sure they’re trustworthy. If you want to ensure you’re buying a good part for your car, it’s helpful to ask your mechanic for a recommendation.


The decision to buy spare parts is an important one. Whether you prefer to purchase brand new factory-direct parts, refurbished parts, remanufactured parts, or salvaged parts, make sure you choose the right parts for you. Each of these options has its own pros and cons, and if you have a question about the best option for you, it’s best to talk to a mechanic or an expert to find out which is best for your car.

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